The Green Bus

2020, Documentary

Release Year: April 10, 2020
Country: Ukraine
Director: Piotr Armianovski and Maria Stoianova
Producer: Kathryn Pasternak


This is a story of the mobile farm market that offers high-quality products at affordable prices to people from low-income neighbourhoods in Washington, D.C. Every week food-activist Erin and her colleagues pack the green bus with the fresh products from the Arcadia Center and goes to the city parts that have been written off by traditional retailers and good transportation system. At each stop, Erin & Co transform the bus into the farm market and sells healthy, inexpensive food to the local community.


About the directors

Maria Stoianova (Ma, Above the Styx, The Second Wave) and Piotr Armianovski (Mustard in the gardens, Me and Mariupol, People’s Museum of Avdiivka) are Kyiv-based independent documentary filmmakers. 

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