The Forgotten (Short Version)

2021, Documentary

Release Year: January 1, 2021
Country: Jordan
Director: Tareq Baddar
Producer: Tareq Baddar


Refugee camps near the shore, miserable housing conditions, scattered tents, and people who are forgotten. A place where time freezes and awaits for emptiness. They ran away from humiliation in their country to an unknown fate. The Rohingya refugees between two fires: the horrific actions by the government of Burma or the wretched conditions of the tents in Bangladesh. One of the largest mass migrations in history towards camps that are piled up with poverty, diseases, and non-stop violations of basic human rights


About the director

Filmmaker, New York Film Academy graduate, working in the media field since 2009. worked as a Producer, Director, Writer and Editor for various projects: Songs, music videos, commercials, programs, documentaries and short films.
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