Memories of Struggle

2021, Documentary

Release Year: 2021
Country: Colombia
Director: Edison Chavarro

The department of Cajamarca has been the scene of a growing and fierce repression, which confronts organized peasant communities against foreign exploiters and governments of the moment, memories of a harsh reality for small farmers who denounce one of the largest corruption scandals generated by mining transnational company in Peru.


About the director

Edison Chavarro is 38 years old. Originally from Colombia, he studied at the University of Santa Martha where he obtained a scholarship for the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film Studies (2005-2007). During that time he had the main role in the short film CARRO BOMBA and he directed the short films: SOFIA (fiction) and DIA GRANDE (Documentary). Edison has also been a cameraman in some projects. He also produced the Documentary TERRITORIO between Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile and Argentina.
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