The Street Carnival is the People's Party

2023, Documentary

Release Year: 2023
Country: Brasil
Director: Uilton Oliveira
Executive Producer: Filipe Proença and Gabriela Holz
Producer: Maitê Haical


Amid repression of the blocks, budget cuts and religious racism, an independent carnival block takes the streets of Rio with a social critique that claims the strength of popular culture in the public space and the confrontation with the criminalization of protests in a spontaneous and irreverent.

About the directors

Uilton Oliveira is Soteropolitan, historian, audiovisual director and film club member. Founder and curator of Cineclube Cine Outrx and Mostra do Filme Marginal. He directed the short films: Encruza, Nosso Passos Seguirão os Seus, O Carnaval de Rua é Festa do Povo. He works in research, curation, programming, production and distribution of films. He is part of the APAN-Association of Black Audiovisual Professionals where he collaborates as Content and Logistics Manager of the Todesplay Streaming Platform and in the Distribution WG.