Strike a match

2022, Documentary

Release Year: 2022
Country: USA
Director: Asia E. Marche and Mackenzie Foy
Writer: Mackenzie Foy and Asia E. Marche
Producer: Logan Coles, Mackenzie Foy, and Asia E. Marche

The U.S. economy begins to see an influx of profits through the hotel and casino industry-as a response to a year-long executive stay at home order to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Anticipated workers in Atlantic City, NJ, one of the largest hubs in the casino industry, expected higher wages, fair treatment, and improved healthcare packages found themselves offered absolutely nothing by the executive leadership of the high grossing entertainment resorts, Harrahs, Borgata, Caesars, Hard Rock, Golden Nugget, and Resorts. As different generations of organizers express their distinctive perspectives on how they view their relationships in the workplace, they are unified in demanding a larger piece of the profit pie, by exercising their rights to express their freedom of speech, strike, unionize, in order to access economic power. Did the COVID-19 spark a resurgence in the American worker to recognize that they don’t need their employer, but that their employer needs them?


About the directors

Asia E. Marche is a professional actress, director and community development consultant; her credits include stage, television, and film. Education is her gateway to liberation, it has led her to obtain a degree in Psychology and Criminal Justice, and a Master’s in City and Regional Planning. Bearing witness and at times getting caught up in the crosshairs of systemic entrapment, Marche is dedicated to bettering the lives of the disenfranchised. Her career began in public service with the NJ State Parole Board, Petey Greene Prisoner Assistance Program and People Assisting the Homeless (PATH). 

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MacKenzie River Foy is a multidisciplinary artist, archivist and culture worker preserving Black technologies, traditions and history. Her practice fuses curation, media, speculative fiction and culinary art. With a background in Black and queer worker organizing, MacKenzie has a storytelling practice rooted in radical imagination and collective work. Their understanding of the way stories shape culture grew over the decade they spent developing communications strategies for local and national campaigns for ethnic studies, paid family leave, non-carceral public safety infrastructure, union protections, and Black/queer worker power. 

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