Our Movement Starts Here

2024, Documentary

Release Year: 2024
Country: USA
Director: John Rash and Melanie Ho
Writer: John Rash and Melanie Ho 
Producer: John Rash and Melanie Ho


In 1982, a rural community mobilized to fight a toxic landfill in their country and gave birth to the environmental justice movement.



About the directors

Co-Directors John Rash and Melanie Ho both work as professors and filmmakers at the Southern Documentary Project, an institute of the Center for the Study of Southern Culture at the University of Mississippi. Their work aims to preserve the stories of the American South, especially those from underserved and under-documented communities. John Rash was born in North Carolina and received his MFA in Experimental and Documentary Art from Duke University. Melanie Ho was born in Jacksonville, Florida and received her MFA from UCSC’s Social Documentation program.