Lullaby of Ukraine

2023, Musical-documentary video essay

Release Year: 2022
Country: Ukraine
Director, Music Composer, Producer: Alexander Sparinsky
Lyrics: Lesia Ukrainka
Singer: Galyna Dovbetska
Sound Engineer: Arkady Vikharev
English translation: Anna Reid


Dedicated to the Children of Ukraine, victims of the brutal Russian invasion…


About the director

Alexander Sparinsky.
Composer, Musicologist, Producer, Director – the author of music of more than 55 shows, performances, festivities, entertainment programs, musicals, 37 films (incl. animation), more than 150 songs (for children; choral, pop, rock, folk, etc.), 196 instrumental pieces, author of a lot of articles and documentaries devoted to music, musicians and culture. Producer of a range of the Best Ukrainian acts, shows, and artists.