How Would it Feel?


Release Year: March 30, 2024
Country: USA
Director: Tom Gardiser (Altered Egos Band)

Written, Directed, Produced, & Edited By: Mackenzie Foy and Asia E. Marche

Executive Producer: Logan Coles

Consulting Producers: Jammie Patton and Leah Cohen-Mays

Assistant to Executives: Yusef D

Sound: Mackenzie Foy and Asia E. Marche

Assistant Editor & Production Assistant: Austin Mitrion

A song-based video exploring how it might feel to be suddenly homeless.


About the director

“How Would it Feel” is a musical composition by Tom Gardiser, produced by the Altered Egos Band from the San Francisco Bay Area. The Altered Egos have performed in the San Francisco Bay Area for many years, covering a wide variety of venues and functions. The group has recorded and produced more than 50 original songs, and has a vast repertoire of other music covering many genres and tastes. Their latest video is: “Piercing the Veil”; a collection of 14 song-based videos where: “How Would it Feel” is included. The entire video may be found at: Facebook: