Danger! Reality on the Other Side - Chapter 5

2020, Documentary

Release Year: December 30, 2020
Country: Colombia
Director: Javier Ballestros Quiroz
Producer: Javier Ballestros Quiroz


After intense protests during 2019, the Colombian social movement had to shut down for almost a year. Is the strike over? What was people’s response to being forced into social isolation?

DANGER! Reality on the Other Side, is a web series that follows the Colombian Social Movement since November 21, 2019. It talks about 2011’s Student’s Strike, its relationship with the Strike of 2019, and the crisis of the Movement during the 2020’s Pandemic.


About the director

Javier Ballesteros Quiroz is a Colombian Documentalist and Videographer. He is the director ‘Idiosincrasia’ (Gil de Gils – 2018), Pollo Robot (La Variante – 2020), Alcantarilla (Santiago Navas – Premiere: October 2021) and several video music productions.
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