A Tale Two of Veils

2015, Documentary

Release Year: December 31, 2015
Country: United States
Director: Narasimha Vivek Rao Nipani
Writer: Narasimha Vivek Rao Nipani
Producer: Narasimha Vivek Rao Nipani


Jassu Bai, 35, is a mother of 5 children. Her husband suffers from a medical condition that has bedridden him and cannot contribute to the families income. Jassu works as a daily wage laborer and cannot afford the treatment. Her struggles worsen as a woman in a patriarchal society. She is not allowed to take part in council meetings and her plea of getting her waterpump fixed in her village is in vain. She along with the other women from her village join a self-help group called Ujala Samooh headed by Sadana Kumar, 44, a human rights activist from a local non-profit. Even as an educated individual, she struggles to have her voice heard amongst the community and fear for her safety. Her fight to see basic human rights exercised for people at such dire situations makes the women look up to her as the “mother of mothers”. The local elected leader, a woman, who is in fact a proxy leader that qualifies the reservation law for her husband, runs the government in her name.

This short documentary explores the troubles women go through to live a normal life due to the cultural effects of misogyny.


About the director

Vivek began his career in the entertainment industry working as a DIT in Mumbai, India. Having found his calling card, he later went on assisting some of India’s top Cinematographers like Vishal Sinha, Manoj Shetty and Sunita Radia as their 2nd and 3rd Assistant Camera on several feature films and commercials.
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