Lomai is a Chicago based writer/director who has begun to build an extensive and impressive list of credits, working on short films, videos and independent features, including his own debut film, the sci-fi /fake documentary “Proven”. Lomai has also written (under his real name, Tommy Sigmon) an impressive array of screenplays, including the thriller “Sin Verite”, which placed in the top twenty percent of all screenplays that were accepted into the Nicholl Fellowship script contest, and the sci-fi fantasy adventure “The Kid-Verse Adventures”, which is currently being developed with David Waite of Jupiter Films as a potential tent-pole release.

Lomai has partnered with Lawrence Hill (of Soundtrack Recording Company) to help try to bring a soundstage and film training center to the south side of Chicago, and with the help of fellow filmmakers Eric Neil, Gabe Marroquin, and Val Zabriskie, will produce commercials for established companies and businesses; one of the first spots will be for renowned restaurant Bar Toma. Lomai is also an accomplished Hip Hop artist; his group, 21ST Century Hip Hop, has just released their latest album, called “2112”, on ITunes. Lomai released his latest record, titled “Vivisector”, which is available on 21stcenturyhiphop.com as a free download. Lomai also has a new upcoming EP with 21H2, titled Live Black Matter, which is about to be released to the public. Lomai has even recorded a song, called “Smile”, specifically for a film called “Eyes Upon Waking”, that he is helping to produce with actress Jennifer Scott. Lomai’s latest film project is the science fiction anthology, Paradigm Grey; Lomai has written and directed a segment for the anthology, called Outer Layers, and has written a segment for the anthology’s creator, Chris Adams, called Reset.