2020, Documentary

Release Year: August 26, 2020
Country: Mexico
Director: Ángel Linares
Writer: Ángel Linares
Producer:  German Castilla, Bernado Urquidi, Alayde Castro

The Sun under the feet (EL SOL BAJO LOS PIES) is a short film that introduced us into the reality of children who involuntarily become day laborers in Mexico, so far from the communities where they used to live. This documentary shows the conditions in which they are forced to work with their parents, and the lies and abuses of those who hire them.


About the director

Ángel Linares studied his direction and production studies at the National Film School of the UNAM (CUEC-UNAM). He is a founding partner of the independent production company “Libres Films”. His documentary short film, “The Invisible Mountains” was nominated for the Ariel Award, won Best Documentary Short Film of the 11th Morelia International Film Festival. Read more.