the gap

2020, Documentary

Release Year: May 29, 2020
Country: United States
Director: Andres Waisberg
Writer: Matias Sirota
Producer: Andres Wisberg
Dp: Gabriel Pomeraniec

The Gap locates the user in the center of the cracks that divide us in front of big global topics like immigration, gender, science, technology, love or politics. This immersive documentary series maintains its objective essence and reflects the different positions of each debate with testimonies that face the “split sphere” resource (180 degrees on each side), in order to question the user about their own points of view. It is difficult to take a position, to define an opinion. Especially since polarization is a social phenomenon on the rise, typical of this era. Reality is difficult to measure in gray and the public tends to lean towards white or black. We are in the era of walls and referendums, where opinion divides viewers. Walk the gap is a journalistic format that proposes a narrative disruption, enters two opposing worlds and offers antagonistic visions on the same subject. The contrast between the points of view will shake the neutrality of the viewer and will be the key to this journalistic virtual reality experience.
Technology is accelerating. It’s not good, not bad, but it’s true that
It goes fast and we live in a permanent adaptation. In silence, the Artificial Intelligence is pushing a change of paradigm that we are just beginning to know. Many jobs will disappear but others will emerge. The key will be in the communion between people and machines, working together, bringing the best of each one. Meanwhile, we focus on tangible concussions such as the delay in a car or a food order fired from the desk.
Collaborative economies unite customers with suppliers of products or services and provide time management, which is not minor. This is how it all began: from the large vertical enterprise to the decentralization of work, which has been transformed into a multitude of workers competing for a place without being employees of anyone. The majority of the conquests that this great wave drags are due to the regulations of each country, which inevitably run behind. Some close up, others far away. The line is thin among the definitions: collaborative economies or platform capitalism? Uber and Cabify, Glovo, Rappi and Orders now! Are they technology or transport and courier companies, respectively? Are these Unicorns working in times of crisis or new contracting structures that leave drivers and messengers without insurance or vacations?


About the director

Born and raised in the culture of the image, I finished my degree in “Media” at ORT Argentina and continued my training in the Image and Sound Design career at the University of Buenos Aires.I started working on IMAGEN SATELITAL (today Turner Corp) on the INFINITO channel in the late 90’s under the direction of Mariano Kon. Read more.