Andres Waisberg

Director, Writer

Born and raised in the culture of the image, I finished my degree in “Media” at ORT Argentina and continued my training in the Image and Sound Design career at the University of Buenos Aires. I started working on IMAGEN SATELITAL (today Turner Corp) on the INFINITO channel in the late 90’s under the direction of Mariano Kon. I made my first weapons in television production with Damián Kirzner and Matías  Martin in the programs: X Mas (CANAL 13), Fugitives (TELEFE) and Ardetroya (AMERICA), understanding how live broadcasts and air channels worked in relation to independent producers.  Already as a Free-Lance producer & director, during the 2000s I acquired international experience traveling and working from Argentina for production houses such as Cuatro Cabezas, romofilm, RGB or Disney Channel. In these companies I understood how to deal with big clients and complex productions. I directed, produced and developed varied content for signals such as Discovery Travel and Living, MTV, Travel Channel, Discovery, Film And Arts, National Geographic, Discovery Home And Healt & Animal Planet. The fruits of this “corporate” trip created a personal imprint that became the creation of my project together with my partner Gabriel Pomeraniec (Director of Photography and Audiovisual Director). In the late 2000s 25P Films was born, our independent production company with a strong technological profile, but also with great sensitivity and honesty when it comes  to work and create. From this platform we carry out and develop content for signals such as Encuentro, UN3 TV, Tec Tv, La Nación +, Acua Federal and FWTV. At the same time, we take advantage of our international experience to provide production services in Argentina to foreign clients such as Channel 9 (Australia), MTV New York or Netflix. In recent years, we understood that the digital transformation was beginning to  penetrate deeply in the audiovisual industry and we created VIRTUAL 360 ( An immersive study that generates virtual reality content and 360 videos. We deepen into one of the technologies more exciting of recent times experienced and creating pieces for clients such as Coca Cola, Jeep, Citroen, Peugeot, Wolksvagen, Beldent, Al Mundo, German Tourism Agency, YPF, Movistar, Tecnopolis, Un3, Nickelodeon, Ballentines, Viva Bolivia, Boca Juniors, TyC Sports, Visa, Cablevision, Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Education Government of the City of Buenos Aires, ESPN, Santander Rio, Disney and CCK among others. Without abandoning our spirit, we produce and co-produce independent projects in 360 degrees that run through international festivals, shows and markets. Through experimenting with these contents, we discover a new look that puts into crisis everything we had learned about traditional narratives. Currently I direct my first documentary in Virtual Reality format “THE GAP”. An immersive journalism series that puts the user literally at the center of the scene to understand how polarization works globally represented in today’s conflicts such as: “independence of Catalonia”, “Digital Platforms”, “Female Revolution and abortion” or “Mexican Migration in the USA”.

As a narrator and audiovisual creator, I fundamentally believe in the image as a tool for transformation and provocation.