Standing with Standing Rock

2020, Documentary

Release Year: July 30, 2020

Country: United States

Director: Bob Yothers

Writer:  Bob Yothers

Post-Production Audi: Hens Zimmerman

As the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) snaked across Sioux lands disturbing sacred sites, polluting Mother Earth and disregarding human rights, only a small band of Water Protectors stood in it’s way. Yet beyond the very real horrors on the front-lines there were still smiles and laughter and prayer which are more powerful than any corrupt politician, snarling policeman, or barking attack dogs. 

‘Standing with Standing Rock’ goes inside camp to meet the brave men and women warriors of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe who are the heart and soul of the movement. Mni wiconi! (Water is Life!)


About the director

Bob Youther, a native of central, Ohio, Bob, traveled to Los Angeles in the 1990’s with the proverbial ‘suitcase full of dreams.’ With varying degrees of success he worked in and around Hollywood as a graphic designer, director and award-winning screenwriter for 17-years demonstrating again and again his passion for the art of film. Read more