2022, Documentary Science Fiction

Release Year: 2022
Country: Germany
DirectorSteffen Köhn, Johannes Büttner
Writer: Steffen Köhn, Johannes Büttner
Producer: Paola Calvo, Patrick Jasim, Phillip Kaminiak


Luis is a Deliveroo driver in Berlin who meets a very strange customer. Ramesh delivers for Uber Eats in Hong Kong and is lured into a trap. Hiro is working for Amazon Flex while pursuing his acting career when he receives a surprising offer from Amazon Studios. They are all connected through the chat function of an online pizza delivery simulator. They’re up to something. Only what?


About the director

Steffen Köhn is a filmmaker, anthropologist and video artist who uses ethnography to understand contemporary sociotechnical landscapes.

For his research-based video- and installation works he engages in local collaborations with digital workers, designers, fellow artists, software developers, or science fiction writers to explore viable alternatives to current distributions of technological access and arrangements of power.

His works have been shown at the Academy of the Arts Berlin, Kunsthaus Graz, Vienna Art Week, Hong Gah Museum Taipei, Lulea Biennial, and the ethnographic museums of Copenhagen and Dresden. His films have been screened (among others) at the Berlinale, Rotterdam International Film Festival, and the Word Film Festival Montreal.

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