Une Lutte Enchantée (An enchanted fight)

2021, Documentary

Release Year: 2021
DirectorMaya Perusin Mysorekar
Writer: Maya Perusin Mysorekar
Producers: Anamorphose and Aix-Marseille Univeristé

An Argentinian activist remembers old melodies, while a choir in Marseille is organising itself to support resistance movements.

Why fight while singing? What do these songs convey?

The director explores on a personal level the relationships between music, politics and emotions.



About the director

With origins in many countries, an international background was to be expected. Maya Perusin Mysorekar was born and raised in Argentina, but finished her secondary school in Germany. After graduating she moved to Morocco to work for a year. She did her double degree in Social and Cultural Anthropology and Political Science at the Freie Universität Berlin, where she also led a collaborative project with refugee women, which resulted in two books. She then did her internship in the field of peace and conflict research in Colombia. Her thesis is a short film, “Resistance”, about the resistance of black German women. Before starting her master’s degree in documentary filmmaking in Marseille, she spent a year travelling in Eastern Europe, Turkey and India. As part of the master’s programme, she did an internship at the Berlin Producers production company and in Marseille at the Lieux Fictifs association, which makes collaborative films with young people at La Belle de Mai and prisoners at the SAS des Baumettes.