To My Grandfather

2020, Documentary

Release Year: January 25, 2020
Country: State of Palestine
Director: Aesha Balaha
Writer: Aesha Balaha
Producer: Aesha Balaha


The Palestinian refugee Ibrahim Harb spent his life photographing people, telling their stories by transferring moments of their lives in a way that radiates Palestinian values and struggles. His granddaughter Bissan, followed her grandfather’s way as she drew a road map of her journey to find beauty through the camera lens that her grandfather gave her. To My Grandfather is trying to refresh the memory with stories, memories and feelings.
A film by Aesha Balaha main character Bissan Harb.


About the director

Aesha Balaha, a young short documentary filmmaker, lives in Palestine, she has studied business administration and worked as a short documentary filmmaker at Theater Days Productions and some other places.
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