The Voice of the Voiceless

2020, Short Film

Release Year: July 23, 2020
Country: United States 
Director: Dalton Tokarczyk
Writers: Dalton Tokarczyk, Greg. W. Locke
Producers: Dalton Tokarczyk, Greg. W. Locke

Indie rapper Marcel “FloStorm” Jones, reflects on his experiences as a protestor who was arrested during the George Floyd-inspired protests during the late spring of 2020.


About the director

Dalton Tokarczyk is a 23- year old filmmaker from Ypsilanti, Michigan, currently based in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He works primarily in cinematography, which he studied as a concentration during the completion of his Bachelor of Arts degree at Columbia College Chicago. With a passion for both, narrative and documentary, his drive is to help other tell their stories in any way possible. Read more.
Dalton Tokarczyk wearing reading-glasses and a black shirt