The First Days

2023, Drama

Release Year: 2023
Country: Chile

Félix Villar, Mónica Carrasco, Khaín Inostroza
Director – Matías Corvalán
Producer – Catalina Rayen
DOP – Alex Ortiz Production
Designer – Pamela Olate
Sound and Mixing – Giorgio Penna
Original Soundtrack – Fabio Hidalgo

“The First Days” is a poignant short film that starkly illustrates the impact of social vulnerability. Focusing on unemployment, the film reveals the economic and emotional toll on the working class, shedding light on the urgent need for robust social safety nets.

The narrative doesn’t shy away from addressing the lack of protection for children and the health challenges faced by the elderly, portraying the vulnerability of these demographics with authenticity. Amidst the drama, the film subtly explores themes of mental health, emphasizing the emotional toll of societal pressures. Additionally, it weaves in the importance of environmental stewardship, connecting individual choices to broader ecological consequences.

In just a few short minutes, “The First Days” masterfully captures the intricate web of social issues, leaving viewers with a powerful reflection on our collective responsibility to foster a more compassionate and sustainable society.

José lives with Nicolás, his son, in a tenement in the city of Santiago, Chile. José is going through financial difficulties, and his landlady, Juana, demands the payment of the rent. José tries to cope with the challenges and sweeten the tough times for Nicolás, but the situation overwhelms him. Ultimately, he must seek help from Juana, who, reluctantly, agrees to assist him.


About the directors

Matías Corvalán

Matías Corvalán is a film director with a degree from the Universidad Mayor’s Film School in Chile. The short film “Los Primeros Días” is his first work as a director and writer. Another endeavor of his is the short film “Trece Campanadas para Medianoche” which he is co-writing with Catalina Rayen. Additionally, he is currently in the process of writing the feature film “Lechetrezna.”