Strike! Fighting for a Future

2020, Documentary

Release Year: 2020
Country: Italy
Director: Francesca Floris, Pietro Jellinek, Davide Petrosino
Writer: Francesca Floris, Pietro Jellinek, Davide Petrosino
Producer: Francesca Floris, Pietro Jellinek, Davide Petrosino

Three young people unfamiliar with the issue of climate change decide that the time has come to commit and take part in the fight.
“Strike!” was born in February 2019 as a project to denounce the emergency situation of waste in Rome and, in a more global context, the problem of climate change. In these months, we have documented our reality in parallel with what is happening in the world. Our aim is to try to understand how the reality in which we live influences and is influenced by the issue of climate change. In July 2019, we opened a petition that now has over 66,000 signatures. We are supported by Milena Vukotic. From July 2019 we’ve been working with “Retake Roma” as volunteers, for the recovery of urban spaces through the cleaning and reorganization of the public areas of Rome, starting from our neighborhood.


About the directors

Francesca Floris (Oristano, 1992) is a photographer and filmmaker with previous work experience in fields as theatre and music.

Pietro Jellinek was born in 1993 in Milan, Italy. He attended a German School, which allowed him to grow under the influence of two different cultures.

Davide Petrosino was born in Nocera Inferiore on the 21st of February 1993. His love for cinema begins at the Giffoni Film Festival, where he was part of the jury for seven years (from 2006 to 2013).

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