The Orphan Lute

2020, Short Film

Release Year: August 27, 2020
Country: United States
Director: Biplab Das
Writer: Cory McCants, Alan Trinca
Producer: Manolo Campos, Alan Trinca, Cory McCants

This contemporary film touches upon the inner struggle of a child labourer who has been deprived of his childhood and is destined to live in a hot, dusty page of a novel unless fate chooses to throw him a lifeline.

In this short film the main character is a little boy who is an orphan as well as a child labour. He works in a roadside hotel. One day after getting up from his bed he goes to a nearby river to clean the utensils of the hotel. There he notices a fish lying on the shore is about to die due to insufficient water. This incident makes the child shocked. Applying his intelligence the child tries his best and makes a way to help the fish to reach the watercourse. This effort of the child reflects his wish to set himself free from his painful captive life as child labour.


About the Director

38-year-old Biplab Das tried his hand as a short filmmaker in the year 2017. The short film ‘The Orphan Lute’ marked his debut as a director. In the past, he worked with many national and international channels such as Discovery (wild-frank-asia-stagione-1-episodio-3) , National Geography( Acharya Satyananda arrested Documentary), Al-jazeera (A Curse In the Family, Documentary), MTV(Rodies 2005), NDTV India etc to make documentaries and various programmers on various subjects.
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