Neu / Snow

2022, Women

Release Year: 2022
DirectorMarta González De La Vega
Producers: Joel Roure, Marta González De La Vega

Topics: Living wage jobs, job opportunities, the arts and rights of expression and speech, mental health

Synopsis: A sceptical teacher revisits the ghosts of her past when breaking news spread all over the school: a snowfall is expected in May



About the directors

Marta González De La Vega (Lleida, Spain, 1989) graduates in Film, TV and Radio by the Universidad de Navarra in 2011 thanks to the Alumni Scholarships Program. During her university years, she focuses on film and TV screenwriting as a student assistant at the Audiovisual Culture and Communication Department.

After working as an art director and costume designer for different cinema, theatre, fashion and TV projects, she decides to write, direct and produce her first short film, “Mai”, which gets worldwide recognition by juries and audiences, winning 15 awards and more than 170 selections in international film festivals. “Mai” is screened in more than 30 countries and Marta is awarded Young Talent at the annual XVI Certamen de Jóvenes Creadores by Madrid City Council.

Her second short film, “Neu”, allows her to develop an intimate story based on her own experience as a teacher. In addition to its distribution, the filmmaker is now working on her third short, “The Valdomeros”, a period drama in pre-production awarded by the Greek Film Center at the 42nd Short Film Festival en Drama (Greece) and selected for the 3rd Acció Curts by Dones Visuals at L’Alternativa, Festival de Cinema Independent de Barcelona (Spain).

Marta is currently teaching filmmaking at ECCIT (Catalonia’s Film and TV School), and developing her first TV series, & Compañeras de Metralla, winner of the 2020 Filmarket Hub International Pilot Contest’s Finalist Prize and selected for the 2020 Valencia Pitch Forum.