living in the gap

2020, Documentary

Release Year: May 29, 2020
Country: United States
Director: Paul Gibbs
Writer:  Paul Gibbs, Patrick Gibbs
Producer:  Paul Gibbs, Patrick Gibbs
Key Cast: Cherie Julander, Angelica Hope Hartman,  Dave Nilson, Susan M. Phelan, Moises Tovar,Shae Bown,  Cooper Bowen

Angie is a single mother working two low-paying jobs. She has no health insurance, and her state has not chosen to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act. As Angie battles an undiagnosed illness, she struggles against her lack of health options and the stigma against people who need help.


About the director

Paul Gibbs is an independent filmmaker and political activist from Salt Lake City, Utah. His films “Steve From Accounting Vs. The Shadow Dwellers”, “Landscape”, “Social Anxiety” and “Lonely Night” have played at film festivals across the United States. read more