2020, Drama

Release Year: 2021
Country: Namibia
Director: Philippe Talavera
Cast: Adriano Visagie (George), Simon Hanga (Simeon), Chanwill Vries (Gerald), Mikiros Garoes (Frieda), Foreversun Haiduwah (Tangeni), Albertina Hainane (Cecilia), Lukas Paulus (Josh), Jeremiah Jeremiah (Nghilifa), Felicity Celento (Rebekka), Elize de Wee (Ousie Rosa), Dawie Engelbrecht (Joe the bartender)
Director of Photography: Kit Hoffman
Script: Senga Brockerhoff and Mikiros Garoes
Editor: Haiko Boldt

Namibia is a country where sodomy is still a crime and gay relationships are stigmatized against. The word Kapana describes the way of preparing raw meat, typically beef, in Namibia by grilling it on open fire. The grilled meat is often sold at open markets.

Main characters: George (Adriano Visagie) is a middle class insurance broker living in downtown Windhoek. Simeon (Simon Hanga) is a kapana seller who lives in Katutura, Windhoek’s township. 

Two secrets: one unlikely meeting in a bar. And the rest is history…

Kapana is the first Namibian film featuring a gay love story. Winner of the Best Feature Film, PRIDE Queer Film Festival 2021 in Australia, winner Kim renders Memorial Award for Outstanding Performance of Adriano Visagie, and Runner Up Best International Film, Audience Award, and Out on Film Atlanta LGBTQ film festival.



About the director

Born in France, Philippe Talavera has lived in Namibia since 1997 where he is a Permanent Resident. 
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