Images of a Dream

2019, Documentary

Release Year: October 30, 2019
Country: Brazil
Director: Leandro Olimpio
Writer: Leandro Olimpio
Producer: André Garcia and Lufe Bollini


Composed of videos published on YouTube by Petrobras outsourcers, the film explores an important Brazilian chapter through fragments of working life inside and outside the factories. By their own hands, the working class records – over a decade (2008-2018) – the joys and disappointments of their journey.


About the directors

Leandro Olimpio, 33, journalist. Works with union communication, in Santos, Brazil, with experience in audiovisual production by social movements. Directed in 2016 the documentary “Última Provincia”, that addresses the dilemmas around Brazilian pre-salt. In 2018, with “Elza” received the award for Best Film by Popular Jury category at 16° Curta Santos – Festival de Cinema de Santos. 
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