I Have a Dream of Decent Transportation

2021, Documentary

Release Year: February 1, 2021
Country: Tunisia
Director: Alessandro Diaco
Writer: Alessandro Diaco and Faten Mayoufa
Producer: Faten Mayoufa


More than 500,000 women work in Tunisia’s agricultural sector, and almost none of them benefit from health coverage or labor protections. Every year, they suffer numerous traffic accidents leading to injury or death as they travel in risky transport to their jobs in the agricultural fields.

“When we have an accident, God forbid, we suffer financially because we can’t go to work anymore.”


About the director


Director and independent author of ethnographic docu-fiction and sociological films.
In his wandering cinematic style, he mixes visual languages with a lyrical subversion of the imaginary.
In his productions, he dealt with the themes of migration, education, work, culture, sport, the environment and the body.
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