I, another, an experience in labor justice.

2020, Documentary

Release Year: May 26, 2020
Country: Brazil 
Director: Maiara Líbano
Producer: Roberto Fragale


In this documentary, we follow the project “Living subaltern work”, which invited judges to live the lives of invisible workers. In secrecy, magistrates exchange their gowns for uniforms, and live one day as street sweepers, waitresses, gardeners. In turn, manual workers are invited to discuss the role of a judge in society.


About the director

Maiara Líbano is a Brazilian filmmaker from Rio de Janeiro. Started her career working with directors like Eryk Rocha and Paula Gaitán. For six years worked at TV Brasil directing TV shows. “I, another: an experience in labor justice” is her first film.
Maiara Libano posing and smiling.