Hiding in the Walls

2022, Documentary

Release Year: 2022
Country: United States
Directors: David Sebastiao and Angel King Wilson
Producers: David Sebastiao and Angel King Wilson

Hiding in the Walls, a new documentary from Baltimore natives Angel King Wilson and David Sebastiao, takes a deep dive into Baltimore’s history of environmental racism, specifically shining a light on lead poisoning in the city. The film discusses the origins of lead poisoning, the failures of local leadership to stop the problem, and ultimately how it came to be an uncontrolled epidemic in the city. We also hear stories from people who were diagnosed with lead poisoning as children and how they have lived with the disease, its effects, and the social stigma associated with it.



About the directors

David Sebastiao is an eLearning Producer and
independent filmmaker from Baltimore, MD. He currently works for the Social Security Administration. As an independent filmmaker, David strives to give a voice to those who have been neglected and ignored in society.
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David Sebastiao

Angel King Wilson is a writer, educator, and activist from Baltimore, MD. Wilson is the founder of Silent Books Publishing and the author of “Am I Doing This Right?”.
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Angel King Wilson