2022, Documentary

Release Year: 2022
Country: United States
Director: Jeanne Hallacy
Writer: Jeanne Hallacy
Producer: Gregg Butensky


He Had Wings presents a portrait of the prolific artist, Ronnie Goodman, and the impact of his creative activism to stand for social justice. He Had Wings provides insight into the trauma and resilience of Ronnie’s journey as one of the thousands experiencing homelessness in San Francisco. The film shows how people like him, and his friend, Alton “Coach” McSween can have a positive impact on those who battle the crisis currently affecting the wealthy City by the Bay.


About the directors


Jeanne has lived and worked in Southeast Asia for 25 years, producing and directing documentary films about human rights and social justice issues. Her films are used as educational and advocacy tools by civil society and educational institutions. 

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