2020, Documentary

Release Year: March 30, 2020
Country: United States
Director: Mirella Martinelli
Writer: Mirella Martinelli
Producer: Mirella Martinelli and Elizabeth Coffman

Frenemies is a feature-length documentary that tells the story of the close yet conflicted relationship between the United States and Cuba from the 1950s to the present. How much longer can this small Caribbean island survive the longest embargo in history?


About the Director

Mirella Martinelli is an Award-Wining Filmmaker, born and raised in Brazil. Living in Sarasota, FL Mirella edited Pool (2016, directed by Leandro Goddinho), which received 33 awards in international film festivals, including Best Foreign Language Short Film at the Orlando Film Festival, the Audience Award for Short Film at the Tampa Bay Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, and the jury’s Honorable Mention at the Outshine Film Festival in Miami.
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