Séverine Sajous and Anna Surinyach



B. 1981, Pau, France. Currently based in Barcelona. I’m a visual artist and storyteller working with both photography and film. I’m deeply interested in people and the human condition and I like to work in collaboration with my subjects, allowing them room to develop their own artistic capabilities and express themselves directly. I use the visual medium to engage with the world and to push for more critical thinking. Most of my work to date has focused on migration and refugee issues. In 2015, I co-founded the Jungleye association which engages communities through participatory practice with photography. I combine teaching with the association in different contexts, with my own photography and film projects as director and producer. I’m currently working on a trilogy of short films that explore migration and the concept of borders through semantics: “Mot de Passe: Fajara”, (2017) tells the story of those crossing from France to the UK through the Channel Tunnel. My first short is awarded in different festivals. “#boza” (2020) tells te story of people from sub-saharan Africa making the crossing from Morocco into Spain. It is a collection of first person narratives and Selfies to build the picture of their journey. The final film “Harka” is a work in progress. I’m working with mothers of people who have disappeared making the sea journey from Tunisia to Italy, and looking at how much the role of family in the act of migration. I have published work in the European press and internationally, and my work has been exhibited in both collective and solo exhibitions. I am member of Women Photograph


Anna Surinyach (Barcelona, 1985) is a documentary photographer and photo editor of the magazine specialized in international information 5W. His work has focused on documenting population movements in different parts of the world. He has photographed the situation of displaced persons in countries such as South Sudan, the Central African Republic, Nigeria, Niger, Chad, Yemen and Syria. She has also documented migration routes from Central America to the United States and from Africa and the Middle East to Europe. She has coordinated audiovisual projects for Doctors Without Borders, an NGO with which she worked for 6 years, Oxfam and Expertise France.
In recent years, she has focused on documenting the situation of women fleeing their homes for reasons related to violence, poverty or lack of opportunities. Her photographs have been exhibited in France, the United States, Italy, Uruguay, Argentina and Spain. Her works have been published in both national and international media. She has co-directed the documentaries Misbah and #Boza