Ricardo Nogueira, Raquel Martins

Director, Lighting Cameraman

Ricardo is always ready for action and his motto in life is “Always look on the bright side of life”. He likes to socialize, travel, share experiences, build emotions, and find solutions. Ricardo has a large audio-visual experience, covering advertising, corporates, video clips, drama, entertainment, sports, and promos.
He has worked for more than one hundred international production companies as a lighting cameraman and director.

Raquel is an experienced people-centered, creative manager and visual thinker, with a strong passion for communication, imagination, and human interactions. She has over 30 years of experience in developing design-related media content from graphic design, computer-generated multi-media special effects, animator, editor, content media developer, screenwriter, and a film director/producer. Parallel to her career, she has volunteered with charities that championed actions to improve life, in particular for children, people with disabilities, or citizens socially excluded.