Narasimha Vivek Rao Nipani


Vivek began his career in the entertainment industry working as a DIT in Mumbai, India. Having found his calling card, he later went on assisting some of India’s top Cinematographers like Vishal Sinha, Manoj Shetty and Sunita Radia as their 2nd and 3rd Assistant Camera on several feature films and commercials . After realizing his innate knack for Production and his love for filming documentaries, he set out to freelance his production and editing skills as a ‘one stop shop’ for many non-profit organizations like PETA, Aajeevika Bureau, Divya Disha and several others across India.

With his growing passion for Editing and all things Post-Production, he is currently engaged on a feature documentary by Pepsi Co. as an Assistant Editor.

His passion to tell stories that intimately explores the lives of people, causes against injustice, causes of concern to humanity or the environment, continually inspires his to produce documentaries such as A Tale Of Two Veils. Vivek is an award winning Filmmaker who is recognized among his peers and colleagues as a passionate, hardworking, collaborative and driven individual. He is currently developing his next feature length project aside from traveling across the Americas and learning Spanish.