Mpho Mokoena

Mpho Mokoena

Graphic Designer/Videographer

Currently living in Randburg Gauteng, Graduated from University of Johannesburg in a Graphic Design, and Graduated At Umuzi in Media Communications.

Went on to pursue a career in film/video production, have a real passion for telling stories that is why she loves short films and video, getting to tell  a story whether is my own story or telling someone elses through the lens is her life’s work.

Also have her own company called Streetalk, which deals with any thing creative, from music videos/photography to short films and graphic design.

In her free time she loves to listen to music or playing Candy Crush (Favourite Singer is Sabrina Claudio and Kendrick Lamar) or hang with inspiring people or with my family and relax/meditate.

So grateful to people that she looks up to, that are creative hustlers like herself, who are trying to tell their own stories and use the platform to inspire and express.