Gaetano Del Mauro

Gaetano Del Mauro

The son of art, his vocational training coincided with his interest in the PHOTO SEARCH. And privileged partner for operators in the artistic sector such as the museum “MMMAC” Museum of Materials Minimum Contemporary Art, where in addition to the many publications directs the film “Dorfles” unique work by Maestro Gillo Dorfles.
Director of Photography for ” The Group 28 September, documentary film by the partisan brigade that freed Scafati from Nazi occupation.
For the SNG “Marriott Hotel” creates illustrations and films in Italy that will make the rounds of the world until arriving at Oprah Winfrey’s show.
Director of photography in “L’Africano” documentary film by the artist Francesco Tiano.
Collaborator of the Giffoni Film Festival, he creates the portraits of talent, he is head of photographers for the Communication Office of the Giffoni Experience.
Director and cinematographer for “Tonino”, a dramatic film that tells the story of Antonio Esposito Ferraioli, innocent victim of camorra.
Its forrmation is carried out with numerous internships and seminars. Master report with Gianni Berengo Gardin. Photography school for a master’s degree in artistic portraiture. Master’s degree at the Italian Institute of Photography, at Studio 13. Master of Fashion and Glamour with Fred Greissing.
His works are distributed and published in sector and specialist journals.