Axel Nuñez

Axel Nunez

Axel Nuñez was born in Mexico City on March 2, 1981, he trained in regional film workshops and courses offered by the CCC, he is a member of the Collective 5y10 Producciones formed since 2006 in the city of Tijuana. He currently resides in Mexicali BC and coordinates the program Red Nacional de Polos Audiovisuales Baja California.


10 short films made in Tijuana – (2008) – Fiction short films
El cantón de la chinesca (2015) – Documentary short film
Changa (2016) – documentary short film (photography)

Director Statement

“I am very interested in the issue of the border because I am also a migrant who left his place of origin to seek better living conditions, and that we find a home, food, work and love on the last border. This documentary is a mirror of what is happening around the world in the face of the barbarism of capitalism at the service of the interests of the market, where underdeveloped governments respond to the needs of modern imperialism.”