Arturo Pulido​


The Director Arturo Pulido has developed his audiovisual work as a cinematographer, producer and promoter of the audiovisual arts. He has more than 16 years of experience, has worked more than four thousand interviews, his work has been shown in several countries in Latin America and the United States. He has worked in the realization of special investigations, criminal, police. He has covered natural disasters, photographer for news, travel network, food network. He co-directed the Freak Film FestivalTijuana made in London, Berlin, Spain, New York. Co-dirigio Recortos48, Editor and founder of TankeStudioMagazine.
He worked in interviews with Werner Herzog, Guillermo Arriaga, William Dafoe, Moby, Oscar de la Hoya. Co-photographer of 2 EMMYS in Hidden Treasures. He has studies at the CAAV. Film production at the CECBC. Documentary film One (wo) manProject by Cinema Fábrica de Redes, IMCINE. Diploma in cinematography by the CCC, CECUT. Script Diploma in CIGCITE. Appreciation and analysis of the film in the (CAAV). He collaborated in the last video of The Killers of Spike Lee, selection of witnesses Doculab 2012. He lives in the city of Los Angeles and Tijuana.