Andrea Sbarretti

Director, Writer, Producer
director's photo
He graduated from the Industrial Technical Institute in 1991 and graduated in Sciences and Technologies
of Artistic Production in 2007 with a thesis on Paolo Sorrentino. In 1995 he moved to Saronno, where he
remained for 6 months working on a factory producing titanium tubes: the Cesinox located in Gorla
Minore (VA) affiliated with Acciai Speciali Terni. In 1997 he was hired by the Santa Maria di Terni
Hospital. He began his cinematographic activity in 2000 making numerous short films, with which he
participated in local festivals. In 2006 he began shooting the first film, entitled “The wall of the past”
whose cast is made up of first-time actors, work colleagues from the Terni Hospital. The film was made
alone, without a crew. In 2008 he shoots the first of three television series entitled “Duemila30”, a
docufilm on the Umbrian reality that will be programmed at Teleterni, in collaboration with Massimo


In 2009 he made the feature film, entitled “The saddle of the wind” which will be released at the
Politeama Cinema in Terni. The film, based on a book, is set on Mount Terminillo and in Narni. Three

boys and a girl reunite after 20 years apart.

The shooting of the new film on the life of Don Pierino Gelmini was carried out right inside the Molino
Silla di Amelia, seat of the Community Incontro. Some of the extras are the boys being treated in the
community. The film was released in some cinemas of Umbria and programmed on 3 local TVs.
Subsequently Andrea Sbarretti begins the filming of a new long project: narrating Umbria in 33
documentaries. “Io Rifletto” is born, documentary films that tell the reality of the younger generations. A
journey through over 30 stages, which goes from Perugia to Foligno, passing through Spoleto, to reach
Trasimeno, Corbara lake, Cascia, Norcia to cross over to Sipicciano (Viterbo) and Rieti. The docufilms
are characterized by a maniacal presentation of the topography of the places with the sound recorded live;
elements that reflect the Nouvelle Vague. The documentaries were broadcast on Umbria1 TV and
programmed at the Politeama Cinema in Terni. The film entitled “Far from all”, tells the voluntary exile

of a TK-AST worker, based on a real story.

The plot of his fifth film is two brothers who raise snails. From here was born “the metaphor of the snail”
or the ability to resist in the most difficult periods, to be able to overcome them.
“The slow winter” talks about the post-earthquake that hit Norcia in 2016.
Sbarretti collaborates again with Teleterni, producing a program entitled “The look”: short documentary
videos that tell the most characteristic places of Umbria, broadcast every day. In 2021, again for the local
TV of Terni, he produces “Being Umbri” a new series of 8 docufilms lasting 27 minutes each.