2020, Documentary

Release Year: December 22, 2020
Country: Costa Rica
Director: Wainer Méndez Solano
Producer: Ana Nicté Castillo Delgado


Juan Morales is an artisanal miner who grew up in the canton of Abangares, a town looted by foreign companies more than 120 years ago. Since he was a child, he learned the trade of the coligallero and today he continues to subsist on gold. He, together with his family and friends, introduce us to an underground world where political, economic and environmental battles are fought that endanger the subsistence of their families and the loss of their cultural identity. In the amalgamation between human and nature; love, hope and pain are part of the history of the artisanal miner in Abangares, popularly called Coligallero.


About the director

Wainer Mendez Solano, from Cartago, Costa Rica. He trained as a sociologist and communicator, his practices and audiovisual works have been developed in an alternative way under the banner of community cinema, both in terms of financing and production. 
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