Clarissa's Battle

2022, Documentary

Release Year: 2022
Country: United States
Director: Tamara Perkins
Writer: Tamara Perkins
Producers: Sara Maamouri and Tamara Perkins

CLARISSA’S BATTLE follows a tenacious single-mother and organizer as she fights for accessible and affordable child care and early education for ALL. Clarissa Doutherd suddenly found herself unhoused and unemployed after the birth of her son. Determined to put an end to this cycle experienced by millions of families nationwide, she sets out to lead a powerful coalition to advocate for universal child care and preschool. Her journey takes us from her hometown of Oakland, CA to Washington D.C., and her campaign helps fuel a national movement. This film demonstrates the strength and power in building inclusive movements from the grassroots up. CLARISSA’S BATTLE premiered at the Human Rights Watch Film Festival in New York City and continues to screen at prestigious film festivals around the globe. The film has begun a robust screening campaign with grassroots organizations, policy makers, and corporations. CLARISSA’S BATTLE will head to PBS stations nationwide in 2023.




Tamara Perkins (Director | Producer | Writer) is an award-winning filmmaker focused on stories that inspire transformative change through dialogue, healing and advocacy through her company Apple of Discord Productions. Perkins’ films Life After Life (2018), Rebound (2021), and Clarissa’s Battle (2022) were each inspired by a personal connection to the subject matter and provide an often overlooked proximity in storytelling. She was awarded the 2022 Stowe Story Fellowship for SARA — a feature length speculative fiction script that melds present day social, moral, and ethical questions with a Queer Woman-driven SciFi thriller.

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