Back to Abnormality (More Complex Than a Virus)

2021, Documentary

Release Year: January 30, 2021
Country: Spain
Director: Stefano Virgilio Cipressi, Priscilla Aguirre, Paulina Gutiierrez, Raissa Dourado, Xabi Ortiz de Urbina, Lukas Jaramillo , Juan Pablo Patino, Diana Maria Gonzalez, and Andrés Rico


Starting from Ecuador, the documentary relates the drama of the abandoned corpses in the streets of Guayaquil, and the stories of those who couldn’t give a dignified burial to their relatives. In Colombia we meet Rosa and Fredy, living in the slums of Medellin. They are not scared of the virus: they already know what it means to be locked up in the house cause of fear.

Then a reflection about the necessity for human beings to move, bring us around the world, starting from a sadly well-known point: China, in the epidemic outbreak days.

Passing through Italy, Back to Abnormality gives voice to the factory workers forced to expose themselves to the contagion during the lockdown. From Spain an episode focusing on the end of family care for the elderlies and the business of private retirement homes. In Idaho, USA, authors spoke with a proud National Rifle Association member. In Brasil we met the indigenous community accused by Bolsonaro of being responsible of the Amazon forest fires.

In the end, we’re in Mexico, signed by the domestic violence wound, a list of names, dates, places, remembering the pain of all those women and little girls killed during the lockdown.


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