2020, Documentary

Release Year: 2020
Director: Sweta Kumar Dash
Writers: Sweta Kumar Dash, Rohan Yadav
Producer: Mahaprasad Nanda
Editor: Sangam Senapati
Director of photography: Manoranjan Nayak
Key cast: Ajaya Choudhury, Soubhaginee Malla, Durga Prasad Satapathy

Mask goes a long way in fathoming the dreaded ‘Corona’ and to spread the message we made this Docu-Drama – ‘Mask’, where the protagonist, a poverty stricken young student sells them to varied sections. And what turns out to be the turning points is when an adamant fellow riding his ‘SUV’ shows reluctance to part with his patty sum of Rs 60/- for three masks. And the boy plays a master stroke by giving these three masks for free telling him that, me being poor is accustomed to starving, but what more is you, your family and the society to remain safe, protected and free from Corona.