Between Hell and Paradise

2020, Documentary

Release Year: August 21, 2020
Country: Ukraine
Director: Slavik Bihun
Writer: Slavik Bihun

Don’t spit in your swell because if water isn’t well, there might be a hell. In the name of their children, justice thirsty villagers, of what once used to be a place like a paradise, whose houses now surrounded by an industrial contaminating monster, strive to hold the state responsible in the first Ukrainian environmental case at the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.


About the Director

Ukrainian film director and legal philosopher. Educated at leading universities in Ukraine and abroad, Dr Bihun prior to turning to filmmaking worked as a lawyer at the European Court in Strasbourg. He was later trained as film director at Sorbonne (adaptation of fiction and political cinema) and Baltic Film School. The filmmaker, active from 2013-14, shot films in Ukraine, Georgia, Estonia and France, nominated at more than 100 film festivals and celebrated with over 50 awards. 
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