Allen, Sacrifice Zone

2020, Documentary

Release Year: July 9, 2020
Country: Argentina 
Director: Alejo Estrabou
Writer: Alejo Estrabou
Producer: Alejo Estrabou


Allen is a town in Rio Negro, Argentine Patagonia, with a century-old economy linked to fruit farming, it is the biggest exporter of pears in the country. In 2013 they began to frack in the area, the neighbors opposed to this and they achieved an anti-fracking ordinance, which is repealed after three months by the superior justice court of Rio Negro.
Since then, they installed more than 160 wells in the area of ​​farms, polluting the water, air and land. The end of a sustainable development model by an extractivist model destructive to the environment and the health of the population.
Rio Negro is transformed into a zone of sacrifice. Consciousness and collective organization is the only way to change this destiny.


About the director

Alejo Estrabou is an audiovisual producer from the Argentine Patagonia.
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